Running your own Read Later Service with Raspberry Pi and Pinboard

The Kindle is easily my favorite reading device. It’s E Ink display is exceptionally legible, the battery lasts a whole month and direct sunlight doesn’t render it unusable. Plus, I do a lot of reading before going to sleep where –unlike a smartphone or tablet computer– the Kindle doesn’t blind me with screen light or interrupts me with notifications. Raspberry Pi and Kindle Paperwhite. The eBook is composed of articles previously saved to Pinboard. When I’m using my phone or computer I often come across articles that I’d like to read on my Kindle. In the past I’ve used Instapaper which once per day delivers an eBook containing saved articles to your Kindle. Although it has worked well for many years I found that recently it failed to properly extract content from many websites. Moreover, it bothered me that Instapaper’s eBooks do not show any of the images embedded into articles. Having tried out different alternatives (including P2K and crofflr ) that were either above my